On aquiring twos

April 22, 2010 at 11:22 pm | Posted in Practice, Theory | Leave a comment

Part of why posting on here is sporadic is because that is how I get my twos.  If tellers happen to have deuces in their drawers, I get them when I make withdraws.  I have consulted another “expert” on how to get bills.

Briggs Armstrong, a blogger for the Mises Economic Blog, has been spending twos as a sort of political protest.  Perhaps not a protest, per se, but an economic awareness project.  At any rate, he has spent more deuces than I’ve ever seen.  He gets his in bulk.  He, with the aid of several of his friends, spent $2,000 worth in about half of a year.  This number is relevant because it is the minimum amount that a bank can order directly from the Federal Reserve.  His bank was very helpful, both in ordering the bills for him and keeping them in their vault while Mr. Armstrong withdrew them a few at a time.

If one is not interested in taking on 1,000 bills, it may pay to ask the teller to check the vault.  Many banks have a largish number of twos in the vault because they get deposited more often than they get withdrawn.  At any rate, every bank gets the odd two deposited every so often, so there is always SOME possibility that your teller has one or more in her drawer.  It never hurts to ask.


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